Since 2007, TomoTone DIY Guitar Shop has provided guitar building supplies and complete "DIY" builder kits to great customers all through the UK, Ireland, Europe, North America and Australia. We're extremely proud that thousands of 'can-do guitarists,' builders, repairers, and schools have chosen us as their source for quality parts and helpful information. (more)
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Guitars, drums, amps, mics, cables; we love them all! Actually, we love just about anything that makes music. It's our passion to design and build bespoke electric guitars and basses. We also love to revive trusted instruments through repair, restoration and modification... (more)
Are you paralized by technical or logistical distraction during studio work or live performances? Does the prospect of managing promotional opportunities take up too much time and brain space? Don't worry- we truly enjoy helping music makers do their thing by providing level-headed live, studio and promotional support for musicians and groups... (more)
Doesn't it make good sense to save money by reviving your existing instruments at a fraction of the cost of replacement? TomoTone UK helps owners and players of all skill levels by providing top-notch cost-effective musical instrument maintenance & repair services to individuals, groups and organisations. (more)
Now into its sixth year, TomoTone DIY Guitar Shop has provided guitar building supplies and our DK Series "DIY" builder kits to fine customers all through the UK, Europe and around the world. We're extremely proud that thousands of 'can-do guitarists' have chosen us... (new window)

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